Vessel Categories
Anchor Handling Towing Supply
Anchor Handling Towing Supply (AHTS) vessels are built to deploy and recover mooring systems for deepwater drilling rigs, undertake traditional supply duties in support of drilling operations, and can support subsea construction activities. These vessels range from 8,000 to 15,000 BHP (brake horsepower).

Platform Supply Vessel
Platform Supply (PSV) vessels range in length from 190 feet to over 250 feet. These vessels provide the support needed for deepwater drilling and production operations. In addition, these vessels have the capability of handling typical construction and maintenance tasks of standard offshore supply vessels. Our vast PSV fleet allows customers to focus on special requirements such as Dynamic Positioning, methanol capability, high volume liquid mud and dry bulk capacities or to choose the vessels that can handle it all, adding maximum flexibility to their chartered fleet.

Crew/Fast Supply Vessel
Today's Fast Support vessels (FSV) are far more than "crew boats" of yesteryear and we are the leader in revolutionary technology for these vessels. These advanced vessels can bring over 13,500 BHP (brake horsepower) and reach speeds over 31 knots and range in length from 145 to 200 feet.

Customers can match the right FSV to their specific requirements by choosing from an array of advanced features such as DP1 & DP2, Dynamic Ride Control, Controllable Speed Propellers, Water Jet propulsion and Engine Monitoring System. Cargo options can include 1,000 barrels of liquid mud and 1,000 to 3,000 cubic feet of dry bulk material. Cargo options from 140 long tons to 425 long tons include deck cargo, fuel, potable water, and drill water. Passenger accommodations can range up to 150 with reclining business class seats and various entertainment packages such as satellite television and wireless internet.

Standby Safety Vessel
Standby Safety vessels range in size up to 200 feet, and are specially suited for Standby Safety Duty as required in North Sea operations. These vessels carry sophisticated rescue and recovery equipment on board and have the ability to deploy Fast Rescue Craft for emergency responses. Highly trained crews and extensive medical facilities add to this fleet's ability to handle up to 300 survivors during an emergency situation. These vessels are also suited for use as cargo vessels.

Towing Supply Vessels
Towing Supply vessels have the capacity to function as PSVs for servicing offshore drilling, production, and construction operations. Their winches and stern rollers give these vessels the ability to tow or assist with jack-up rig moves, to set "back-down" systems, and to install anchor buoys or navigational buoys.

Specialty Vessels
Specialty vessels include Anchor Handling Tugs and other vessels adapted to specific applications including offshore maintenance and construction services such as cable laying, freight hauling services, and accommodations for emergency response services. High Speed Catamarans are fast crew transportation vessels that can carry up to 150 passengers that enjoy reclining business class seats and various entertainment packages including satellite television and wireless internet. Other options include DP2 and or DP3, Dynamic Ride Control, Controllable Speed Propellers, Water Jet propulsion and Engine Monitoring System.

Liftboat Vessels
SEACOR Marine's fleet of modern liftboats includes leg lengths of 200 feet or greater and a total range of 150 feet to 265 feet in length. Each liftboat is outfitted to support customers' construction, maintenance, production enhancement, and decommissioning projects.