Crew / Fast Support Vessels
Crew/Fast Supply Vessel
SEACOR Marine's Fast Support Vessels (FSV) of today are far more than just "crew boats," and we take great pride in being the leader of revolutionary technology for these vessels. These advanced vessels can bring over 9,000 BHP (brake horsepower) and reach speeds over 32 knots and range in length from 130 feet to 190 feet.

Customers can match the right FSV to their specific requirements by choosing from an array of advanced features such as Dynamic Positioning, Dynamic Ride Control, Controllable Speed Propellers & Monitoring System (CSP), Water Jet Propulsion, high-capacity pumps, boarding ramps to accommodate any dock, environmentally friendly equipment, and cargo deck areas outfitted with recessed deck lighting.

In addition, our customers can choose to meet their high volume cargo demands by selecting an FSV that can transport over 1,000 barrels of liquid mud, 1,000 to 3,000 cubic feet of dry bulk material, deck cargos from 140 long tons to 425 long tons, cargo fuel, potable water, and drill water. Our FSV vessels can accommodate up to 102 passengers that enjoy reclining business class seats and various entertainment packages such as satellite television.